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After being stuck for > 40 years in a first-order flat model of rigid tabular data locked up in a closed world, it is time for a developer revolution. It is time to embrace monads and duality to lift the database industry to the next level.


In the distributed and world of the Cloud, we are forced by physics to compose reliable applications from loosely coupled and often unreliable pieces (services, data sources, …) that run, and fail, and operate at their own pace in their own space. Such heterogeneous applications have to process many variations of data, at a wide range of volumes and with different velocities.

The consequence of this change is that the familiar synchronous and transactional programming models that worked well in a closed world are becoming obsolete. Instead developers need tools and programming models that help them orchestrate and coordinate asynchronous computations and data streams.

The Reactive Extensions (Rx) and Interactive Extensions (Ix) are powerful and fundamental “glue” to compose computations using a mathematically sound foundation, while at the same time extremely practical and pragmatic in solving actual real world problems.

The LINQ-based approach to Big Data processing scales from small to large volumes of data, is applicable to any data model, and can deal with data in motion (real-time data) as well as with data in rest (historical data). Rx and Ix are mature libraries available in a wide range of languages (.NET, Java, JavaScript, Dart, ObjectiveC, …) and platforms, and are used in production by many companies.

Training & Consulting

Applied Duality is the goto source for all Rx, Ix, and general LINQ training. We offer public and in-house training sessions for developers and decision makers involved in big data projects that require asynchronous and synchronous data streams and composition of heterogeneous distributed Cloud services.

Only Applied Duality offers training created by the original inventors and contributors of the technology. Our courses address real world scenarios based on our expertise in deploying Rx and Ix in production based on a strong scientific underpinning from many years of academic and industrial research in the area of data programmability and programming languages.

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Enterprise Rx

We work with the Rx community to improve and unify the various Rx implementations to ensure mutual interoperability and consistency of the common API surface and query operator semantics.

Rx Enterprise Edition is a tailor-made Rx distribution for enterprises that want to combine the expressive power of regular Rx with the advanced services, reliability, and customization required for enterprise deployments.

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Custom Providers

One of the major benefits of an interface-based data access framework like Ix and Rx is the ability to expose nearly any data source in a uniform manner and then processing your data using the set of standard query operators using your programming language and developement environment of choice.

Applied Duality can help you build custom Rx and Ix providers for the (big) data sources, Cloud services, and data transports you need to compose, analyze, and transform to solve your business problems. Open source examples of bindings for event logging and querying, and message queuing are available from Applied Duality's GitHub repository.

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If you want to learn more about Applied Duality's future product offerings, professional services, support and training, don't hesitate to contact us.

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